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Make Magic Happen: CMO Ash Gokli Shares His Thoughts About the Physician Leader’s Role

Healthcare costs keep climbing, quality needs improvement, and physicians are burning out. These are a few of the reasons Ash Gokli, MD, Chief Medical Officer for the Sutter Health Valley Area believes physicians must step into leadership roles and create the future of healthcare. 

An American Association for Physician Leadership (AAPL) board member and self-described student of leadership, Dr. Gokli describes his path to leadership and his strategies for leading effectively despite a constant onslaught of meetings and time-consuming commitments. In our focused conversation, Dr. Gokli discusses how physicians can create their own path to the C-suite by garnering non-clinical knowledge, volunteering for new projects, and leveraging their passion for patient care.


Can’t Make It Here Anymore: The Outsourcing of Pharma Production

When it comes to pharmaceuticals, you have heard the list of complaints. Drug prices are too high. Drug prices are not transparent. My insurance plan won’t cover X medication.

Perhaps the complaint which should be raised but isn’t relates to China. Author Rosemary Gibson has rung a fire bell in the night with her book, China Rx: Exposing the Risks of America’s Dependence on China for Medicine.

Well over 90% of the active ingredients of antibiotics in the U.S. are manufactured abroad. The vast majority of them are produced in China. Learn about the national security threats and quality oversight issues involved with the outsourcing of pharma manufacturing. This important episode will shock you.

Rosemary Gibson serves as Senior Advisor at The Hastings Center and a Section Editor for “Less is More,” in JAMA Internal Medicine. Ms. Gibson is an award-winning author, inspirational speaker, and advisor to organizations that advance the public’s interest in health care.

China Rx: Exposing the Risks of America’s Dependence on China for Medicine


Why Your Healthcare Organization Should Consider Morning Huddles

Research indicates that open communication raises employee satisfaction and increases retention. Implementing a 'Morning Huddle' with clinicians and employees is an excellent way to foster the communication that drives both of these improvements.

In this episode, Cheryl Toth and Mike Sacopolus talk with Thomas Zoch, MD, Vice President Vice President of Care Management-Clinical at Ascension Wisconsin about his leadership philosophy and the use of morning huddles to engage physicians and staff from across the health system. Dr. Zoch discusses the genesis of why Ascension Wisconsin chose to deploy morning huddles, and how the focus on "getting to why" in these daily communications has resulted in open dialogue, effective discourse, and ongoing education. He also breaks down in specific detail the logistics and specific processes he uses to lead morning huddles at three different hospitals every Monday through Friday at Ascension Wisconsin. 

Vice President of Care Management- Clinical
Ascension Wisconsin


Why Physicians Must Lead Change: All Physicians are Leaders

A Conversation with Dr. Peter Angood, CEO of AAPL

More and more healthcare organizations are hiring physicians to fill executive and other leadership roles. Given their clinical knowledge and focus on patient care, physicians understand healthcare care processes, organizational needs, and challenges differently than administrators. In this episode, Mike and Tothie talk with Peter Angood, MD, CEO & President of the American Association for Physician Leadership (AAPL). Dr. Angood shares his vision for how and why physicians must lead change and how the AAPL provides education and peer support networks that enable them to build the skills and resilience required to change the world's most complex industry.


Control, Alt, Delete and Outsource: Addressing Healthcare IT

Information Technology ((IT) is mission critical for healthcare systems. Functionality, safety, and compliance all impact IT architecture and operations. In this SoundPractice podcast episode, Mike Sacopolus interviews Daniel Livschutz of ProMedical, a national IT firm specializing in healthcare. Redundancies, backups, and economics of outsourcing will all be addressed, within the framework of the healthcare organization workflow.

Daniel Livschutz, President and CEO, ProMedical IT.


Sink, Swim, or Strategize: Approaches to Onboarding New Physicians

The big day has finally arrived. Your practice’s new physician is ready to start. In this SoundPractice episode, Mike Sacopulos and Cheryl Toth will review tactics and strategies to smoothly integrate the physician into the practice. We will discuss simple and inexpensive ways to achieve happiness and productivity for all. The best way to ensure a smooth transition and successful new hire is to take strategic steps to onboard your physicians.

Download - New Physician Onboarding Checklist

Leading Virtual Teams

At least half of the US population now works remotely at least part of the time. Remote working certainly has its advantages. But managing a team of people that don’t come to the office has its challenges too. How do you keep people feeling connected and motivated? What are effective ways of communicating across geographies and time zones? SoundPractice co-host Cheryl Toth shares insights and lessons learned from her nearly 25 years of working remotely and managing virtual teams.

Doctor, Please take the Stand

The potential for litigation is a fact of life for most physicians. The way physicians prepare and handle themselves in depositions and other legal proceedings can have an impact on lawyer and jury perception. In this episode, attorney and co-host of SoundPractice, Mike Sacopulos provides an “inside scoop” for physicians and walks us through a variety of considerations for physicians to keep in mind when they go from the exam room to the courtroom.

Through the Looking Glass: Ethical Hackers and Cyber Security

In this timely SoundPractice episode, Mike Sacopolus speaks with Sid Stamm about cybersecurity. Professor Stamm, an Associate Professor of Computer Science and Cybersecurity, navigates the listener through the world of Bug Bounties and ethical hackers. The conversation then moves on to the internet of things and mobile device policies. Professor Stamm is a national expert and has worked for such internet powerhouses as Mozilla and Firefox. This discussion is geared for those that are curious but lack in-depth IT skills.

Show Notes:
Professor Sid Stamm may be reached at Rose Hulman Institute of Technology.

Secrets of Turning Good Hires into Great Employees

After weeks (or months) of networking, reviewing resumes, and conducting video and in-person interviews, you’ve finally filled that open position. Time to relax and get back to your own job? Not quite. You may have hired a terrific candidate, but turning him or her into a productive, high performing, long-term employee requires managerial commitment to effective cultivation and training strategies. In this practical episode, Cheryl Toth and Mike Sacopolus cover seven secrets to supporting every new hire’s success.

Download the JMPM Article: “How to Create a Culture of Praise and Recognition,” by Susan Smith Kuczmarski, EdD, and Thomas D. Kuczmarski here.