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November 27, 2018


PHOENIX, MD - Devoted to the practice management needs of physicians, administrators and office staff, Greenbranch Publishing, publisher of The Journal of Medical Practice Management, announced today the relaunch of its podcast, SoundPractice (, with co-hosts Michael J. Sacopulos, JD and Cheryl Toth, MBA.

SoundPractice, with its debut in 2005, was the first podcast in the country dedicated to medical practice management. Fast forward to 2018, and Greenbranch Publishing is continuing its tradition of editorial excellence by again delivering content in a portable, podcast format to support the changing needs and fast paced culture of medical offices.

Physician advocates Michael Sacopulos, JD (healthcare attorney, author, speaker) and Cheryl Toth, MBA (business writer, speaker - former practice consultant and healthcare tech executive) have signed on as hosts to bring listeners the best thought leaders, crisp humor, and pithy tips for developing a healthcare practice that thrives.

“SoundPractice will deliver practical information and fresh perspectives for handling the daily challenges of running a healthcare practice,” said Cheryl Toth, Co-host of SoundPractice. Co-host, Mike Sacopulos added, “Greenbranch Publishing has demonstrated leadership and foresight with this project and Tothie and I are excited to swap ideas and share business solutions with physicians and the practice management community.”

Upcoming “SoundPractice” episodes include:
Episode #1: I Gotta Guy...How to Hire Lawyers and Accountants

Mike Sacopulos and Cheryl Toth

No matter the size or the specialty, every practice needs a good lawyer and a sharp accountant. But how do you find the right professionals to help your practice? This episode covers the essentials of selecting, hiring, and working with accounting and law firms. We will replace mystery and trepidation with knowledge and a strong game plan.

Episode #2: Developing a Data and Device Destruction Policy in 5 Easy Steps!

Mike Sacopulos and Cheryl Toth

When was the last time you updated your data and device destruction policy? If the answer is, "we don't even have one," your practice is not alone. But you do need to get to work. Planning for the destruction of data and devices that contain PHI is a critical component of privacy and security and important to managing financial and reputational risk. This episode explains how to fearlessly and successfully develop a policy, in five easy steps.

Episode #3: What Makes a Great Practice Leader?

Mike Sacopulos, Cheryl Toth and Tracy Spears

Leading staff in a constantly changing regulatory and reimbursement environment while simultaneously overseeing financial and A/R management, process improvement, and an exceptional patient experience is not for the faint of heart. What are the characteristics that drive an effective practice leader to create a strong culture with a solid balance sheet and a group of physicians and employees who thrive? In this episode, we talk with Tracy Spears, Founder of the Exceptional Leader Lab, about the characteristics of thriving practice leaders.

SoundPractice is available in the Apple podcast store and Google Play. For more information and show notes, visit

About the Hosts

Michael J. Sacopulos, JD - Mike is the CEO of Medical Risk Institute (MRI), a firm that provides proactive counsel to the healthcare community to identify where liability risks originate and reduce or remove these risks. Mike’s unlawyer-like pragmatism and clever wit make him a sought-after speaker by national specialty societies such as MGMA national and state chapters, and trade associations. He is the author of Tweets, Likes, and Liabilities: Online and Electronic Risk to the Healthcare Professional published by Greenbranch Publishing available in both print and eBook.
Reach him at,
Cheryl Toth, MBA - Cheryl (a.k.a, Tothie) is a business writer and speaker who blends exceptional communication skills with an ability to educate and inspire. Known for her optimism and upbeat style, Cheryl has delivered workshops and keynotes for national specialty societies, MGMA national and state chapters, Pri-Med, medical device and pharmaceutical companies, and health systems. Cheryl was a consultant with KarenZupko & Associates, Inc., VP Product & Operations at HealthLoop, and VP of Digital and Social Media for Medical Alliances.
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